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Dominican Republic: Cholera Outbreak Final Report DREF n° MDRDO011

Dominican Rep.
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A. Situation analysis

During Epidemiological Week (EW) 28 (8 to 14 July 2018), the Ministry of Public Health reported that the Los Pinos Health Centre in the municipality of La Descubierta (Independencia province) had reported an increase in the number of patients with acute diarrhoeal diseases (ADD).

In EW 32 (5 to 11 August 2018), the Ministry of Health reported that the National Public Health Laboratory had identified the Vibrio choleare bacterium in samples collected from La Descubierta residents.

Between EW 28, when the outbreak began, and EW 34 (19 to 25 August 2018), four cases of cholera were confirmed and 91 suspected cases were identified in residents of the communities of Los Pinos del Edén, Ángel Feliz, La Descubierta urban areas, and Los Bolos.

Given that a major outbreak of this disease had not been seen in Independencia province since 2011, the high incidence of cases caused the collapse of the municipal health system. This scenario led provincial health authorities to request the assistance of the Ministry of National Health and national humanitarian organizations, including the Dominican Red Cross (DRC).

In view of the situation, the Dominican Red Cross conducted two assessment missions (12 and 17 August 2018) with multidisciplinary teams in communities affected by the cholera outbreak.
Given the operational needs and challenges identified in areas assessed during the missions, the National Society requested a Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to carry out actions to combat this outbreak in affected, difficult to reach areas. Within the framework of the DREF operation, DRC carried out actions to address the outbreak in coordination with Ministry of Health personnel and community authorities.

The cholera outbreak in Independencia province was contained thanks to this coordinated and timely action, and the EW 44 epidemiological bulletin indicated that no suspected cases have been detected in the country since EW 41 (7 to 13 October 2018)