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NFI And Emergency Shelter Distribution Report - Jonglei State, Pibor, Verteth,14 June 2019 - HDC, INTERSOS

South Sudan
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Summary of Distribution - Where was the distribution held and how was it organised?

-What and how were beneficiaries informed?

  • How was equal access ensured for men, women, girls and boys?

  • How was order maintained during the distribution?

The distribution was held in Pibor County Jonglei state, in Langsoto Boma. The distributions were as a result of the assessments conducted by HDC and CIDO for S/NFI and DRC and Voice of peace for protection and GBV in February/March and verification exercise carried out by Intersos and HDC in May 2019. The distribution was organized in Pibor Langso to Boma which is 2 and half hours walk from Ngapul Boma of Verteth. The beneficiaries were mobilized to walk to the distribution site as the rains had cut-off means to reach them in Verteth. They were informed through their local authorities like RRC, Chief, church leaders and Women representative.
During their movement to and from the distribution site, the beneficiaries moved in groups with women mixing with men to prevent cases of robbery or any SGBV case.

A safe and secure site for distribution was chosen with the help of local authorities near a water point (hand pump and a river). To ensure respect and dignity for the beneficiaries especially women and most vulnerable, separate lines were formed for women, men, girls, and boys and most vulnerable. Selected community members, community focal points and chiefs ensured that there was safety of beneficiaries during and after the exercise. Other rules were set by the ground team together with the stakeholders that including the local authorities and representatives for the beneficiaries.

A complaint and feedback desk was also established at a small distance from the distribution lines where beneficiaries that had complaints were sent to and their issues handled afterwards.
The cases that were received were handled with the help of community leaders and community focal persons.

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