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The year in review 2018– Swedish development cooperation and Sida’s activities

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In recent decades, significant progress has been made worldwide. Income poverty has been vastly reduced, and many more people now have access to healthcare and education. In other areas, however, the challenges continue to grow. Since 2010, the number of people in need of humanitarian aid has increased from 30 to approximately 135 million. An increasing proportion of people live in fragile states or in conflict environments, and we can see how climate change in the form of natural disasters and changing weather patterns destroy income opportunities for millions of poor people around the world. Another worrying development is the declining democratic space in many parts of the world, which prevents people from overcoming poverty and oppression. Sida always works on the basis of the poor man's perspective on development, and how the rights of such people are to be met. Within the framework of long-term partnerships, Sida builds capacity and local ownership in our cooperating countries. We mobilise commitment and enable solutions to create the conditions that allow the poorest and most vulnerable people to shape their lives and futures. At the same time, our activities aim to contribute to Agenda 2030 – the international community's joint response to the planet's challenges and our joint roadmap to a sustainable future. In this leaflet, you can read about Swedish development cooperation and how Sida's activities contribute to the universal right to and opportunity for a life of dignity.