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Yemen - Conflict (NDMA, NWFC, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 13 August 2019)

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Following 72 hours of intense fighting, the Southern Transition Council (STC) has reportedly taken control of all strategic points of Aden City.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) donated surgical kits for the treatment of 100 people, as well as mattresses, stretchers and body bags to hospitals in Aden. 200,000 people have been left without clean water as the situation deteriorated and ICRC is liaising with relevant organisations and authorities to restore its supply.

According to UN OCHA, on 11 August, a house was hit by strikes in the northern Governorate of Hajjah. 12 people, including 6 children were reportedly killed and 16 wounded.

Widespread conflict, severe economic decline, food insecurity and the collapse of essential public services continue to heavily affect millions of Yemenis. Experts estimate that as many as 230,000 women, children and men have died as a result of the conflict in the last 4 years, either from direct or indirect causes. In the past 6 months, 25,000 people have died.