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Namibia Red Cross - Annual Report 2008

Namibia Red Cross
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Namibia has experienced one of its worst floods in over fifty years in the northern regions of the country at the beginning of 2008. The response to the floods was one of the major activities of the NS during 2008. The HIV and AIDS baseline survey conducted by the NS as part of the southern Africa zone initiative was the highlight of 2008. The baseline was conducted in seven regions implementing home based care. The baseline's objective is to collect data where the success of the HIV and AIDS will be measured against at the end of the current programme running 2006-2010. The baseline survey for the new phase of the OVC project in Kavango was also done. Under disaster management, the winding up of the final activities of the floods response in Caprivi took place. As part of the recovery intervention for the people affected by the floods in 2008, the Namibia Red Cross in partnership with Swedish Red Cross has started a food security programme in Ohangwena region, with the financial support of European Commission for Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO). The programme focuses on the provision of agricultural inputs to the most vulnerable households. In the area of organisational development, the NS successfully applied for Intensified Capacity Building Fund. The fund will support the integration of Community Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA) into the HIV programme and strengthen the regional branches structures. Many people with different social needs benefited from the social assistance fund.