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Natural Disasters Monitoring - July 30, 2019

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Official Sources:

Severe Weather
On 29 July 2019, the Government of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, reported rising river levels and landslides in Rio Grande do Sul, mainly in the municipalities of São Gabriel, Dom Pedrito, and Alegrete, during the last weekend. The report indicates a total of 90 persons were displaced. In addition, the Ibicuí, Santa Maria, Camaquã, Baixo Jacuí, and Gravataí rivers are on alert due to the elevation of water in some areas. The report is available in Portuguese at Estado do Rio Grande do Sul.

Unofficial Sources:

Severe Weather
On 30 July 2019, media reported strong winds, flooding, and landslides in the municipality of Chinchina, Caldas Department, Colombia. The flooding was generated by the rising waters of a ravine that crossed into the urban area as well as due to problems with the drainage of water from the sewage network. There were 15 neighborhoods affected and a total of 200 damaged homes. The reports are available in Spanish at WRadio and