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UNICEF DRC Humanitarian Situation Report June 2019

RD del Congo
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  • As of June, UNICEF and partners vaccinated more than 1,034,000 children (6months-14 years) against measles, achieving a 100% coverage rate, in humanitarian situations.

  • UNICEF currently has a funding gap of $245.3 million (75%). This gap impacts UNICEF’s response to recurring crises and prevent more than 3 million children from accessing their basic rights, such as education, nutrition, and safe water and adequate sanitation and hygiene facilities.

  • Following the resurgence of armed conflicts in Ituri province in June, UNICEF conducted several field assessments and is currently mobilizing internal resources to implement life-saving interventions, targeting 219,000 internally displaced persons

  • Ebola outbreak: as of 23th June 2019, 2,369 total cases of Ebola, 2,275 confirmed cases and 1,504 deaths linked to Ebola have been recorded in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri.


1,260,000*Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) (HPR 2019)

* Estimate for 2019

7,500,000 children in need of humanitarian assistance (OCHA, HRP 2019)

1,400,000 children are suffering from Severe Acute malnutrition (DRC Nutrition Cluster, January 2019)

13,542 cases of cholera reported since January 2019 (Ministry of Health)

118,647 suspect cases of measles reported since January (Ministry of Health)