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UNHCR Cross-Border Humanitarian Response Fact Sheet - Northwest Syria - June 2019

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21,740 Households assisted through UNHCR with core relief items and shelter material in 2019

108,940 Individuals reached through UNHCR with core relief items and shelter material in 2019

119 Trucks with UNHCR humanitarian supplies sent across the border in 2019

76,036 Individuals reached with protection services by UNHCR and partners in 2019

Main objectives

  1. Support the coordination of the cross-border humanitarian response through the Cluster system

  2. Identify protection risks and assistance needs and inform the overall response

  3. Provide protection services and emergency assistance with core relief items and shelter material.

  4. Build capacity of (local) humanitarian organizations

  5. Fill critical gaps in the basic needs of IDPs where required and feasible

Major developments

The year 2019 is seeing intense hostilities between the Government of Syria and non-state armed groups, and among the latter that have affected thousands of people in northern Hama and southern Idleb, displacing many. The situation was further aggravated by heavy rains and floods in northern Syria at the end of December and beginning of January.

More floods affected the area at the end of March, causing more displacements. High levels of violence in May and June caused additional large numbers of people to be displaced.
Major developments had taken place in north-west Syria already in 2018. As a result, more than 688,000 people were newly displaced within non-state armed group controlled areas.
A Readiness and Response Plan for north-west Syria is still in play and outlines the planned response to the crossborder team in Turkey.