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Revised Appeal Central, Eastern Europe and Caucasus Floods

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Central, Eastern Europe & Caucasus Floods - EUFL71

Revised Appeal Target : US$ 1,858,496
Amount already covered: US$ 1,855,688

Geneva, 03 September 1997

Dear Friends,

Large parts of Central & Eastern Europe, as well as parts of the Caucasus were hit by extensive flooding during July and August. The floods followed unusually heavy rainfalls and caused major damages and destruction in parts of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Armenia. Hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee their homes in advance of rising flood waters, crops and property were destroyed, transport systems and roads are unusable, and the water and sanitation system infrastructure is extensively damaged.

ACT issued appeal EUFL71 on 18 July to provide emergency relief for flood victims throughout widespread areas of the affected region. Working through local church structures and agencies, this assistance has included the provision of safe drinking water, food, medicine, emergency shelter materials, clothing and other basic relief supplies.

Both the severity of the flood damages and the ACT network donor response to the devastation has far surpassed the original appeal target. All necessary funding for the projects within the revised appeal has been committed by ACT donors. The revision of appeal EUFL71 provides a 'Phase II' additional assistance to vulnerable persons and families throughout the flood affected countries. Targeted projects include continuing the provision of emergency relief supplies, in addition to repairs and reconstruction programs designed to quickly allow families and vulnerable persons to move back into their homes.

All phase II assistance within the revised appeal will continue to be implemented by the ACT member agencies working in their respective countries as detailed in the original appeal.

Please kindly send your contributions to the ACT bank account.

For further information, please contact:
ACT Co-ordinator, Miriam Lutz (phone ++41 22 791 6032 or mobile phone ++ 41 89 203 6055)
ACT Appeals Officer, Dirk Van Gorp (phone ++41 22 791 6040)

We thank you in advance for your support.

Dr. Kyung-Seo Park Miriam Lutz

 Rev. Rudolf Hinz<br>

Acting Director
ACT Co-ordinator