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Africa's Voices Annual Report 2018

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Africa's Voices
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Letter from our Chair

It is a real pleasure to introduce the 2018 Annual Report of Africa’s Voices Foundation (AVF). Over the past few years, we have created an unequalled combination of novel media, technology and social science to listen with skill and humility to citizens and draw insights on their views and priorities to inform equitable service delivery. This is becoming a vital tool for the growing range of distinguished social service providers we work with.
Our work in fragile societies has been particularly applauded. Our major project for the Somalia Stability Fund is testament to this.
Our ability to listen to and understand the views of citizens - in many cases those most marginalised - brings the full range of the skills we have honed to create hard-worn evidence.
This has been accomplished by a growing team of dedicated people under the outstanding leadership of Sharath Srinivasan, whose time on secondment from Cambridge University will finish in 2019. Our ability to attract quality staff at every level gives us confidence we can find leadership for the special team now in place.
The growth of our team has allowed us to organise business streams, strengthen our financial accountability and to tell the story of our efforts much better. The fact that many of our partners look to work with us over and over again gives us confidence that our impact is substantial.
It has been a hugely encouraging year.
AVF has proved its vision. The demand for our work expands rapidly. With more resources we can contribute so much more. We hope the clear value accorded to us by many sophisticated thought leaders and service providers will encourage new supporters to allow us to do more.