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Syria - IDP Situation Monitoring Initiative (ISMI): Monthly Overview of IDP Movements and Spontaneous Returns in north-west Syria, May 2019

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Summary of Findings

Communities assessed: 714
Total IDP arrivals: 274,613 (399%)2
Total IDP departures: 171,493 (45%)
Total spontaneous returns (SRs): 5,480(40%)

Assessed communities in north-west Syria witnessed a total of 274,613 IDP arrivals in May, 87% of which were reported in Idleb and surrounding areas. Idleb and surrounding areas witnessed an exponential intensification of aerial bombardment precipitating mass displacement across the region.5 There were 240,532 IDP arrivals compared to 29,702 IDP arrivals in March representing a huge increase of 709%. The majority of arrivals (171,308 IDPs) were reported in Dana sub-district. The humanitarian situation across Idleb governorate remains grave with the continued violence severely hampering the provision of basic services, causing the suspension of humanitarian operations in many areas and most crucially, leading to high civilian casualties and loss of life.6

Northern Aleppo governorate witnessed markedly less movement in comparison to Idleb governorate. 34,081 IDP arrivals and 15,675 IDP departures were reported across 393 communities in May. Nearly half of IDP arrivals in Northern Aleppo reportedly came from Idleb and surrounding areas.