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Moldova and Ukraine: Floods Emergency Appeal No. MDR67003 Final Report

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GLIDE n=B0 FL-2008-000122- UKR/MDA

Period covered by this Final Report: 05 August 2008 to 31 May, 2009

Appeal target: CHF 1,510,242 (USD 1,418,134 or EUR 996,721)

Final Appeal coverage: 100%

Appeal History

- This Emergency Appeal was initially launched on 5 August 2008 for CHF 1,250,355 (USD 1,193 or EUR 765,881) for eight months to assist 60,000 people.

- CHF 636,942 was allocated from the International Federation's DREF to support the National Societies during the initial phase of the operation in Ukraine (CHF 437,942) and Moldova (CHF 199,000).

- The operation has been extended for a further two months until the end of May, as a result of additional unmet needs that were identified during the operation.

Summary: The August 2008 storms, described as the worst in over two centuries, led to devastating flooding in some of the most impoverished parts of Ukraine and Moldova. 40 people were killed and some 30,000 people displaced. Hours after the disaster, the Red Cross teams were in the disaster affected areas saving lives, distributing emergency relief items, soothing pain and bringing hope. Red Cross staff and volunteers showed an admirable dedication, professionalism and spirit of humanity. A total of CHF 636,942 was allocated from the International Federation's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support the National Societies during the initial phase of the operation. This immediate allocation enabled both National Societies to move ahead without a delay with their plans.

During the course of the operation additional unmet needs were identified, and the operation timeframe and budget were extended for this reason. A further 5,200 families received food items during the final round of distribution in April. A total of 16,000 food parcels were distributed during the operation.

Within the framework of the emergency operation, the National Societies' mobile repair teams (MRT) repaired 255 houses in the two countries.

A beneficiary satisfaction survey was conducted after the distributions. The survey confirmed that the people affected were very satisfied with the timely support provided by the Red Cross.

The Federation appeal coverage was high and the International Federation on behalf of the Moldova and the Ukraine Red Cross Societies takes this opportunity to thank all who contributed.