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Adamawa State Situation Report of Cholera Outbreak No 16: 22nd July 2019

Govt. Nigeria
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  • Fifty-two (52) new cases reported from 17th July to 22nd July, 2019 from the 4 affected LGAs (Yola North, Yola South, Girei and Song) bringing total case count to 377.

  • One new death reported within the reporting period (CFR=1.06%).

  • No new ward affected. Total number of wards which reported at least one suspected case still stands at 17.

Epidemiological Summary

The total number of cases reported as at 22nd July, 2019 stands at 377, with 4 deaths (CFR=1.06%). Yola North has 220 cases with 2 deaths (CFR= 0.9 %); Girei has 128 cases with 1 death (CFR= 0.78 %) Yola South has 28 cases with 1 death (CFR= 3.6 %) and Song has 1 case with 0 death (CFR= 0%). So far, 131 samples yielded growth suggestive of Vibrio cholerae on culture and results of 7 isolates from the reference laboratory revealed 01 serotype