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Promoting Gender Equality through Skill Development: Empowering & strengthening the socio-economic rights of marginalised Women & Girls

Muslim Aid
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Muslim Aid (MA) and SWRFN Charity are jointly implementing a skill development project named ‘Promoting Gender Equality through Skill Development’. MA Pakistan country programme is striving in balancing the socio-economic status of women by empowering them through its skill development project. In January 2019, a Skill Development Centre (SDC) was established at Tarnol – 22 KMs away from Islamabad Capital Territory of Pakistan, where women and girls are the most marginalised among its community. The project deliverables were designed in alignment with Sustainable Development Goals, i.e. (SDG) 1: ‘No poverty’, SDG 5: ‘Gender equality’ and SDG 8: ‘Decent work’. These deprived women after gaining vocational training will establish either their own business or act as service provider within their community to support their families by generating reasonable income and ultimately reduce poverty level.