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IV International Technical Meeting on Human Mobility of Venezuelan Nationals - Quito Process Buenos Aires Chapter Road Map

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Govt. Argentina
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On the occasion of the IV International Technical Meeting on Human Mobility, Quito Process -Buenos Aires Chapter- held on 4-5 July in this city, and within the framework of the Quito Plan of Action, signed on 23 November 2018, the undersigned agree:

1. To consider the establishment of a working group, made up of national departments competent in the field of recognition and/or validation of academic qualifications, in order to share best practices and experiences on the subject that facilitate such processes, in accordance with the respective national regulations.

2. To positively consider IOM's offer to organize a regional workshop for authorities on trafficking of persons from countries participating in the Quito Process with a view to sharing best practices and progress in the region, in an effort to deal with the specific issues arising out of the mass flow of Venezuelans.

3. To analyze PAHO and UNAIDS’s proposal to increase health care coverage among migrants and refugees living with HIV and request such agencies to submit the proposal to the Presidency Pro Tempore of the Quito Process for consideration by the agencies of each country competent in the field of health, with a view to presenting it for further discussion at the Fifth Meeting to be held in Colombia.

4. To consider the cooperation project profiles attached to this Road Map as working pillars to continue developing a coordinated response at the regional level. Such pillars are:

  • Information Card on Regional Mobility,
  • Centres for Information, Reception, Advice, Support and Assistance
  • A platform for orientation and development of human capital,
  • Strengthening of National Systems for Refugee Status Determination.

5. To work together -as a matter of priority- on the proposal made by the Argentine Presidency Pro Tempore to implement an Information Card on Regional Mobility with a view to timely supplementing and strengthening documentation and registration processes, already existing or under development at the national level, within the framework of respect for national legislation on the subject.

6. To acknowledge the importance of making progress on mechanisms or platforms for sharing information to strengthen national public policies on different areas (health, education, assistance, social protection, mobility, migration control, among others), ensuring respect for the right to privacy and data protection.

7. To form one or more technical groups to make progress on specifications, the development of projects and estimation of the financing required for implementation, in accordance with the respective national legal frameworks.

8. To especially thank UNHCR and IOM for their readiness to provide technical and financial support to project profiles and to organize a seminar/workshop to be held during the second half of this year at the National Directorate for Migration of the Argentine Republic, with the aim of making progress on the consideration of the proposals presented.