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One or more at a time: building infectious disease wards in hospitals in different provinces across Afghanistan

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May, 2019 - after Kandahar, another infectious disease ward construction is complete in Jawzjan Province by MoPH with support of WHO Afghanistan. Dedicated wards to hinder infections from spreading are vital in hospitals. Afghanistan has a high volume of patients with transferable diseases both infectious and communicable diseases and outbreaks.

Infectious disease wards are very vital in Afghanistan, where communicable diseases account for 60% of all outpatients’ visits and more than half of all deaths in the country.

The ward in Jawzjan will accommodate patients suffering from infectious diseases to stop the spread of infectious disease cases and avoid hospital acquired infections.

The ward built equals patient rooms, pharmacy, registration office, OPD, and a chlorine production space, and also equipped with standard water supply and waste management systems.

On the other hand, an infectious disease ward was upgraded and equipped in Herat Province and Zabul and Takhar Provinces, identified as provinces with high prevalence of infectious diseases, will have new infectious disease wards.

Further assessments will be done in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, and as more provinces are identified with pressing needs, more infections disease wards will be built or upgraded in cases where a ward already exists but does not meet the need.