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WFP Burkina Faso Emergency Response Situation Report #2 12 July 2019

Burkina Faso
Publication date

In Numbers

  • 1.2 million people affected (OCHA Humanitarian Response Plan)

  • 219,756 people displaced (CONASUR – 30 June 2019)

  • 688,000 people in need of food assistance (Cadre Harmonisé- March 2019)


• USD 33.1 million are urgently needed to ensure emergency assistance till the end of the year. Without additional contributions, WFP will not be able to ensure full assistance in September.

• WFP assisted 38,168 IDPs during the month of June.

• Preliminary results of the Essential Needs Assessment outline critical food security conditions for IDPs and host-communities.

Situation Update

• The security situation is continuing to deteriorate with a growing number of security incidents being reported. This affects WFP contractors and partners’ ability to access targeted distribution sites and thus beneficiaries. WFP will be continuing its access campaign in the coming weeks.

• The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) is on the rise with over 219,000 currently registered from CONASUR. This marks an increase of more than 47,000 people from mid-June, and substantially exceeding the initially estimated number of IDPs for 2019 (190,000).

• Movement for humanitarian personnel is restricted in the northern and eastern provinces. WFP reinforced its technical capacity in country with the recruitment of an access expert who will assess the current situation and forthcoming scenarios in the regions of Nord, Sahel, Centre-Nord and Est.

• A first mission was conducted in the Nord region and outlined that: (i) access to the region is possible but specific strategies need to be developed for zones neighbouring the Sahel region and Mali; (ii) vulnerable populations have restricted access to basic services further aggravating chronic and seasonal vulnerabilities; (iii) non-State armed groups restricted access to women’s ability to cultivate; and (iv) reinforcing acceptance through local communication is fundamental for the continuation of the operations in the region.