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Mali: UNHCR Operational Update, June 2019

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During the period under review, the security situation in Mali remained unstable as well as unpredictable characterized by attacks on and burning down of villages, leading to the deaths of several people including women and children

Vehicle abductions, explosions caused by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and kidnapping attempts were also recorded by security officials. In view of these attacks and other forms of human rights abuses, the United Nations Security Council adopted the resolution 2480 on 28th June, 2019 to extend MINUMA’s mandate for another year with the view of supporting the Malian Government in addressing security situation which is deteriorating and seems to be moving towards the south.


 So far, UNHCR received and oriented 340 refugees and 105 asylum seekers who expressed various needs.

 The Protection Cluster consolidated 37 allegations of human rights violations, reported by its partner AMSS.

 1,384 persons on the move were identified as part of the Mixed Movements’ monitoring activities.


 Support voluntary repatriation of refugees in protracted situation.

 Continue the process of naturalisation for Mauritanian refugees who have indicated their desire for local integration.

 Support and advocate for the functioning of the Appeals Board as well as expedite the granting of refugee status to eligible applicants.

 Strengthen the protection of persons of concern through socio-economic activities and access to basic rights.

 Strengthen the advocacy for the domestication of the Kampala Convention for IDPs.

 Approach other UN Agencies to encourage them to intervene through projects to strengthen basic social structures (within the “delivering as one” context).