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UNHCR Cameroon Factsheet - June 2019

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Cameroon currently has 1,534,189 people of concern, including 286,052 Central African and 94,847 Nigerian refugees.

On 29 June, the governments of Cameroon, the Central African Republic and UNHCR signed a Tripartite Agreement for the voluntary repatriation of refugees

The 19th Edition of World Refugee Day was celebrated on 20 June under the theme “Inclusion” with the slogan, Take A step With Refugees


USD 90.3 M Requested for Cameroon

Funded: 14%

Gap: 86%


  • The security situation in Cameroon’s Far North Region has remained unstable and unpredictable in light of the resurgence of Boko Haram attacks in the Logone and Chari, Mayo-Tsanaga, Mayo-Sava divisions and particularly the Lake Chad area. Latest attacks in these areas include one on the military base in Darak in Logone and Chari division on 9 to10 June 2019, resulting in the death of 17 soldiers, 7 civilians and over 60 assailants according to official sources. Meanwhile, 40 Boko Haram members are reported to have been arrested during the reporting period. Suicide bombings and abduction of civilians have taken an upward trend in recent weeks. The group has continued with pillaging and burning of villages, and the population in border villages continues to live in fear of possible attacks.

  • On June 29, the Governments of Cameroon, the Central African Republic and UNHCR jointly signed a Tripartite Agreement for the voluntary repatriation of Central African refugees living in Cameroon. The document defines the legal framework and sets out the modalities for the voluntary return of the about 280,000 refugees from CAR currently in Cameroon, living in the East, Adamawa and North regions, as well as in urban areas like Yaounde and Douala. The tripartite agreement guarantees that all repatriation will be voluntary and carried out as the conditions permit in safety and dignity. By 29 June in the East region, 203 households of 662 individuals had expressed the wish to return home, representing 202 households of 659 individuals from Lolo and 01 household of three individuals from Kentzou.

  • The 19th edition of the World Refugee Day under the theme “Inclusion”, with slogan “Take a Step with Refugees” was commemorated in Cameroon on 20 June, like elsewhere in the world. A series of activities was organized throughout the different offices of the country operation before, during and after the day in collaboration with the refugee community, government authorities and partner organizations, to celebrate their resilience. These included solidarity walks, football matches, photo and art exhibitions, community clean up campaigns and official ceremonies on the day, marked by the massive turnout of refugees, UN agencies, donors, and partner organisations.

  • The security situation in the North West and South West regions has remained volatile with ensuing violence as fighting continues between the military and non-state armed groups. Between 11 and 15 June, a total of 190 households were affected by the violence in the localities of Bali, Bafut, Wum, Njikwa and Batibo in the North West region, causing people to move into Bamenda 1, 2 and 3 in Mezam division and in the South West, 178 households were affected with 100 in Ndekwa Manyu and 78 in Lebialem, with recorded movement of persons into Mamfe centre. Meanwhile the Minister for Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji launched the Centres for the Coordination of Emergency Humanitarian Assistance in the North-West and South-West in Bamenda and Buea on 03 and 05 June respectively