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Dateline ACT Global Actions No.4

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Global ACTions No 4

Central & Eastern Europe - Following July's heavy rains and extensive floods in large parts of Central and Eastern Europe, ACT International has undertaken extensive relief operations in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Armenia. A total of US $ 863,000 has so far been received or pledged to this work.

The floods forced at least 200,000 to flee their homes. In Poland and the Czech Republic more than 100 people drowned. Buildings, fields, factories, roads, communications lines and many other infra structural assets have been severely damaged through out Central and Eastern Europe. Since mid-July ACT agencies and churches have provided emergency food, medicine & medical equipment, temporary shelter, blankets and drinking water to thousands of flood victims in many parts of the flooded areas. As the water recedes relief work is being directed toward clean-up and repairs of damaged homes as well as in other ways assisting returning populations.

The relief work is being carried out by a number of ACT members: Ecumenical Council of Churches in Poland, Evangelical Lutheran Church A.B. Poland, Hungarian Interchurch Aid (in Poland), WCC-Unit 4 - Eastern Europe Office, Slezka Diakonie, Orthodox Church in the Czeck Lands and Slovakia, Ecumenical Council of Churches in the Czeck Republic, Ecumenical Council of Churches in the Slovak Republic, Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania, WCC Armenia Roundtable, Armenia Apostolic Church and UMCOR - Armenia Program.