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Pacific Syndromic Surveillance System Weekly Bulletin / Système de Surveillance Syndromique dans le Pacifique - Bulletin Hebdomadaire: W26 2019 (Jun 24-Jun 30)

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The following syndrome has been flagged:

  • Acute Fever and Rash: American Samoa, French Polynesia, Northern Marianna Islands

Other updates:


  • Two imported cases reported by Wallis and Futuna with recent travel to New Caledonia. [Source: Wallis & Futuna Bulletin No. 8 posted on PacNet on 3 July 2019]


  • As of week ending 28 June there were 28 additional cases in New Zealand bringing a total of 260 cases since 1 January 2019; including 109 hospitalisations (41.9%). This is the greatest number of cases reported in a week since the beginning of the outbreak. The cases were reported from Auckland, Wellington and Northland. [Source: NZ MoH]

Zika virus disease

  • WHO has issued a summary of the global epidemiology of Zika virus transmission on 2 July. As of July 2019, a total of 87 countries and territories have had evidence of autochthonous mosquito-borne transmission of Zika virus, distributed across four of the six WHO Regions. Globally, 61 countries and territories in six WHO regions have evidence of established competent Aedes aegypti vectors but have not yet had documented Zika virus transmission.

  • WHO recommends that pregnant women, women who may become pregnant within two months of travel, and male travellers whose partner may become pregnant within three months of travel check with their healthcare providers and carefully consider the risks and possible consequences of Zika infection before traveling to areas where there may be Zika virus transmission. Latest updates are available at WHO's Zika virus disease home page.

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)