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MAP International provides Disaster Health Kits for the US Navy’s Hospital Ship USNS Comfort

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MAP International provides Disaster Health Kits for the US Navy’s Hospital Ship USNS Comfort

Brunswick, GA. – The U.S. Navy hospital ship will begin a deployment to South America, Central America, and the Caribbean on June 18 to begin a five-month medical assistance mission as a result of the humanitarian crisis created by the ongoing political and economic instability in Venezuela.

The USNS Comfort will be carrying the work of more than 200 MAP International volunteers who packed 2,500 MAP Disaster Health Kits to aid refugees who have fled Venezuela.

MAP International’s signature Disaster Health Kits (DHK) provides antiseptic wipes, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other essential items to prevent the spread of illness for people caught up in disasters.

“Comfort medical teams will be working alongside host nation medical professionals who are absorbing thousands of Venezuelan migrants and refugees," said U.S. Navy Adm. Craig Faller, commander of U.S. Southern Command, which will oversee the deployment. "The Venezuelan people are desperately fleeing their homeland for hope of a better way of life. We are committed to finding ways to support the Venezuelan people and our regional partners who share the goal of seeing a legitimate, democratic government reinstated in Venezuela.”

MAP International President and CEO, Steve Stirling said, “We are honored to support the efforts and individuals of the USNS Comfort. MAP Disaster Health Kits will be provided to refugees who have fled the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela which has forced millions to flee their beleaguered country.”

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