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IOM Yemen: Rapid Displacement Tracking, 1 January– 26 May 2019 [EN/AR]

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The ongoing conflict in Yemen, since March 2015, has led to the displacement of more than 3.6 million people (according to DTM’s 2018 Area Assessment).

DTM’s Rapid Displacement Tracking tool collects and reports on numbers of households forced to flee on a daily basis, allowing for regular reporting of new displacements in terms of numbers, geography and needs. In the first five months of 2019, conflict activities have resulted in new patterns of displacement, particularly in within Al Dhale'e and Al Hudaydah governorates.

From 05 to 26 May 2019, Households continued to move to move from and within Ad Dhale’e and Hajjah.

• Natural Disaster Induced Secondary Displacement: Intense rain in Abs caused an estimated 500 already displaced households living in Beni Qais camp to lose their only options for housing.

• Al Dhale'e: Ad Dhale’e (1,423 HH), Al Azariq (705 HH) and Al Hussein (705 HH) districts received the highest number of households arriving from Ad Dhale’e, Qa’atabah and Al Azariq.

• Hajjah: Khayran Al Muharraq (288 HH), Abs (137 HH), and Mustaba (128 HH) districts within displacement in the same district.

• Amanat Al Asimah: Ma’ain, As Sabain and Bani Al Harith districts received (497 HH) mostly from Al Hudaydah, Ad Dhale’e and Abs.

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