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WFP Bhutan Country Brief, April 2019

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WFP undertook a Logistics Capacity Assessment mission for Bhutan, including site visits to all the major cities along the southern border which could be used as potential logistics hubs in an emergency. The team also visited the Paro airport to identify the capacity of the airport for establishing a Humanitarian Staging Area.

WFP is exploring possibilities of funding support for Emergency Preparedness and Response from Japan, Australia and the UK.

Operational Updates

 A delegation from the Parliament of the Republic of Korea visited Bhutan and met with WFP staff. The delegation visited one of the nearby schools and praised WFP’s activities in Bhutan. KOICA has approved USD 4 million to WFP Bhutan for the CSP (2019-2023).

 The Logistics Capacity Assessment team visited major cities along the southern border to identify sites for potential logistics hubs in an emergency.
The team reviewed the capacity of the Paro airport and found there is already good existing capacity which could easily and quickly be made available as a humanitarian staging area in an emergency. Meetings were held with several ministries to support the development of SOPs to expedite visa and customs processes, coordination activities and logistical activities.
The feedback from the Secretary of Home Affairs was very positive and in line with government priorities.

 Based on the request by the School Health and Nutrition Division, a data analysis and visualization training was conducted at Paro to enhance the capacity of the Ministries (MoE,
MoAF, MoH) on data cleaning and analysis, provide hands on training on data visualization for resource prioritization and monitoring and provide user management training in the Mobile Data Collection and Analytics (MDCA) and handover of user management to School Health and Nutrition Division (SHND) of MoE. 6 female and 11 male officials were trained on data analysis and visualization. It was agreed that MDCA user management will be handed over to the SHND starting from May. The training also reviewed the reporting process and data from February till April.