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Central Europe hit by more rain and floods

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(9:06am AEST) Heavy rains are continuing to lash Central Europe bringing more misery to regions where flooding has killed nearly 100 people.

Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes as the rains pushes up river levels in both the Czech Republic and Poland.

The flooding has caused billions of dollars of damage to towns and farm land and injured more than two-thousand people.
The Czech Deputy Prime Minister Josef Lux says its NOT just a flood the two countries are dealing with, but a real catastrophe.

The disaster is threatening to spread as Central Europe's river system passes its holding capacity.
German authorities have declared a state of maximum alert in response to a sharp rise in the level of the river Oder, which marks the German-Polish border and is threatening to flood the eastern German plain.

In Austria, shipping on the Danube, which flows from the Alps to the Black Sea, has been suspended along a 90 kilometre stretch between Linz and Krems.

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