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Central, Eastern Europe & Caucasus Floods Alert No. 2

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Co-ordinating Office

Action by Churches Together(ACT) is a worldwide network of Churches and their related agencies meeting human need through co-ordinated emergency response and common identity. The ACT network is organizationally based in the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and the World Council of Churches(WCC) and is a co-ordinating rather than operational office.

Dear Friends,

As you are aware, large parts of Central & Eastern Europe, as well as parts of the Caucasus have been hit by extensive flooding with the last days and weeks. The floods have followed unusually heavy rainfalls and have caused major damages and destruction in parts of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Armenia.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes in advance of rising flood waters, communications have been disrupted, crops and property destroyed, transport systems and roads are unusable, and water and sanitation system infrastructure is extensively damaged. Emergency relief for flood victims is needed throughout widespread areas of the affected region including the provision of safe drinking water, food, medicine, emergency shelter materials, clothing and other basic relief items. The floods have additionally caused billions of dollars in damages which will need to be addressed through longer term reconstruction projects.

ACT has been working cooperatively with WCC Unit IV to contact our network member churches and related agencies in the affected countries and regions for the past 6 days. Communications are difficult, but definite needs are emerging that may be addressed through a coordinated ACT appeal for the region. More complete information on targeted needs to be included within a possible ACT appeal will be available by 18 July from these churches and their related agencies in the affected regions. Many of these partners are already providing assistance within available means.

The ACT Coordinating Office plans to formulate an ACT appeal for approval on Friday, 18 July utilizing all the available information and assessed capacity of the churches and related agencies. The targeted assistance will focus on the short term emergency needs for drinking water, food, medicines, clothing, cooking stoves/equipment, fuel, blankets, disinfectants, clean-up materials, hygenic and sanitary materials and other critically needed supplies. Additionally, ACT plans to make available Rapid Response Funds to implementing partners in order to ensure immediate relief to flood victims.
For further information, please contact the ACT Co-ordinating Office.


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