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Yemen: Situation Update, 4 June, 2019

Logistics Cluster
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1. Air Transport

• Cargo airlifts from Djibouti to Aden are available until end of July 2019 free to user. Airlifts are tentatively scheduled once per month, for a minimum payload of 20 mt. If the requests exceed 20 mt, more than one airlift per month can be organised.

• The next cargo airlift is expected to be operated on 16 June.

• As of 3 June, the Logistics Cluster has received requests for approximately 35 mt which will translate into two rotations.

• The deadline for the organisations to submit Service Requests Forms (SRF) for this airlifts is 11 June.

• The tentative airlift schedule for 2019 to Aden and Sana’a is available on the Logistics Cluster website here.


• UNHAS Passenger service for humanitarian organisations links Sana’a and Aden to Djibouti and to Amman.
The service is also available between Sana’a and Aden.

• The schedule for June is available on the Logistics Cluster website here.

• UNHAS has revised all booking forms; these replace the previously used forms and are available to download on the Logistics Cluster website:

o Passenger Booking Request (replacing the PMR)

o Organization signatory introduction form (replacing the focal point assignment form)

o Medical evacuation request form o Excess weight and cargo form