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South Sudan UNHCR Operational Update (16 - 30 April 2019)

South Sudan
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Central Equatoria

■ In Yei town, UNHCR, in partnership with South Sudan’s Commission for Refugee Affairs, issued identity cards to two Nuban refugees to enhance their protection.

Upper Nile

■ UNHCR in partnership with Save the Children International (SCI) identified and documented 20 cases (11 women, 9 men) of unaccompanied and separated children (09), children with special needs (10) and a sexual and gender-based violence case (01). In addition, 166 (87 girls, 79 boys) separated and other vulnerable children who are fostered were monitored to assess their wellbeing and protection needs.

■ UNHCR, the Commission for Refugee Affairs (CRA) and protection partners successfully mediated three individual cases (1 - Gendrassa refugee camp, 2 - Kaya refugee camp) involving early and forced marriages. All of the three children who were living in the community-based safe shelters, due to insecurity, were finally reunited with their biological families and are now continuing with their education.

■ UNHCR and partners discussed 40 individual protection cases from Yusuf Batil and Doro refugee camps. All cases were recommended for community-driven solutions as well as continued follow-up.

■ Over the reporting period, 733 (673 women, 60 men) refugee community members participated in child/youth protection and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) awareness sessions across the four refugee camps in Maban. In addition, 114 (63 women, 51 men) child and youth protection community members were trained on child and youth protection topics. The aim of the training was to empower the community members with knowledge on child and youth protection.

Western Equatoria

■ UNHCR, in coordination with World Vision International, trained 66 refugees (13 women, 53 men) on the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse in Makpandu refugee settlement. Similar trainings targeting police and military camps supporting the settlement are scheduled for May.

■ UNHCR and South Sudan’s Commission for Refugee Affairs (CRA) visited Tombura (185 km from Yambio) and Source Yubu (38 kms from Tambura) from 20-22nd April to follow up with refugees who arrived from the Central African Republic in March. About 55 families (150 individuals) do not wish to relocate to Makpandu settlement since the have already started cultivating in Source Yubu.