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Syrian Arab Republic: IDP Spontaneous returns Map (April 2019) [EN/AR]

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April 2019 Updates

During the month of April, the humanitarian community have tracked 23,621 spontaneous IDPs returnees in several areas across Syria. The largest number was in Aleppo Governorate, there have been 5,167 IDPs returned to their communities within the governorate. The second largest was in Damascus governorate where there have been 4,106 IDPs returned to their original communities due to a relative stability. In Deir-ez-Zor governorate about 3,000 IDPs returned to their communities, and in Dar’a govenorate about 3,000 IDPs returned to their communities due to the relative stability. In Idlib governorate bout 2,600 IDPs returned to their communities after being displaced internally within the governorate. In Rural Damascus there have been 1,000 IDPs return to their original communities mainly from the same governorate. At the same period about 800 IDPs returned to their original communities from within Hama governorate. And about 600 IDPs returned to Homs goverorate from within the same governorate.


  • The returns refer to IDP spontaneous returns and does not necessarily follow the global definitions of ‘Returnees’ or durable solutions for IDPs.
  • The IDP spontaneous returns includes IDPs returning to their homes or communities of origin.
  • The IDP spontaneous returns referred in this monthly report refers to the return movements occurred in the reported period only.
  • The process of verification is based on triangulation of verified IDP spontaneous returns reported by different mechanisms and further examined by the IDP TF through cross-checking population numbers from previous years
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