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Belarus Windstorm Situation Report No.2

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Belarus - Windstorm
DHA-Geneva Situation Report No. 2
4 July 1997


1. New information provided by the Government of Belarus and the Belarusian Red Cross, while basically confirming the damage reported earlier, contains the following new details on the damage caused by a severe storm with a character of hurricane (strong wind accompanied by heavy rain and hailstones) which hit the Brest and Minsk regions of the country on 23 June 1997:

In Brest regions 6 districts are affected: Gantsevichi, Pinsk, Luninets, Drogitchin, Ivatsevichi, Ivanovo, Lyakhovichi. (Total: 132 settlements). The heaviest destruction was observed in Ivanovo (14 out of 15 municipalities), Ivatsevichi (8 out of 20 municipalities) and Gantsevichi districts.

In Minsk region 9 districts are affected: Minsk, Stolbtsy, Kopyl, Nesvizh, Uzda, Kletsk, Volozhin, Molodetchno, Smolevitchi, the cities of Borisov and Zhodino. The most complicated situation is in Nesvizh, Volozhin, Stolbtsy and Kopyl districts.

2. Commissions on emergency situations are working in the affected regions to liquidate consequences of the disaster and render assistance to the affected population. Ministries and other republican bodies are involved into liquidation of consequences of the storm.

3. Belarusian Red Cross indicates that the nutritional status is not serious but there is need of foodstuffs. Health status is satisfactory, no risks of epidemics. Drinkable water pipes and wells not affected.


4. GOB has sent to DHA a request, detailing the exact needs, for international assistance. NATO transmitted to DHA similar requests received by them from GOB and Belarusian Red Cross. All reports confirm that the most urgent requirements are for the construction materials, electrical equipment and cables.

5. In particular, GOB indicates the need for:

- 496 km of different electric cables and 32 tons of different electric wires for restoration of electric power lines;

- 70 tons of different eletric wires, 1500 pieces of electrical isolators, 6 sets of 110 kV and 37 sets of 10 kV voltage controllers, 12 pieces of 35 kV voltage transformers of NAMI-35 type for restoration of power substations.

6. In addition, the Belarusian Red Cross indicates the need for:

- Financial grants for medical and social assistance.
- Financial donations for purchase of contruction materials (sheets of roofing material, tiles, cement).
- Food products, medicaments for emergencies and bandages, disinfectants, blankets, bedding sets, soap and washing powder.

7. The Government of Belarus has informed that the financial contributions could be transferred to the following bank accounts:

US Dollars:

Beneficiary's Bank Beneficiary Beneficiary's account
Belarusbank, Branch 523 6111000000989
Swift: AKBB by Code 295
2x Branch 523
Correspondent Bank Correspondent Account Details of payment
Bankers Trust 04-095-692 F/O Ministry of
Company Emergencies
New York, USA ACC. 3041000000637
Swift: BKTR US 33
German marks:
Beneficiary's Bank Beneficiary Beneficiary's account
Belarusbank, Branch 523 6111000000989
Swift: AKBB by Code 295
2X Branch 523,
Code 295 Minsk
Correspondent Bank Correspondent Account Details of payment
Detsche Bank 949 81 14 F/O Ministry of
AG, Frankfurt Emergencies
Germany ACC: 3041000000637

8. DHA is also prepared to serve as a channel for cash contributions, to be used during the immediate relief phase, in coordination/consultation with relevant organizations of the United Nations system. DHA provides donors with written confirmation and pertinent details concerning the utilization of the funds contributed.

9. Donors wishing to channel their contributions through DHA should transfer funds to DHA account no. CO.590.160.1 at the Swiss Bank Corporation, Case Postale 2770, CH-1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland, with reference: Belarus/Hurricane, DHA-Geneva.

10. For coordination purposes, donors are requested to inform DHA Geneva, as indicated below, of relief missions/ pledges/contributions and their corresponding values by item.

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