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IFRC Weekly News 26 Jun 1997

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Red Cross rescue teams with hundreds of volunteers are on the scene in Belarus and the Ukraine where winds of 32 meters per second flattened forests, unroofed houses and smashed electricity lines. The hurricane, accompanied by heavy rain and hailstones, rolled over Brest, Minsk and Volyn regions on 23 June. In Belarus four people perished, 40 were wounded and 558 communities affected. In some towns, 90 percent of the houses were destroyed. In the Ukraine nine people were killed and 100 injured and 11,000 houses destroyed and damaged. Some 400,000 people were affected. The Federation released 15,000 Swiss francs from the Disaster Emergency Relief Fund, and the German Red Cross is also contributing 15,000 Swiss francs to help the victims. Tonnes of clothes, blankets, food and medicines are arriving in the affected areas, along with blankets, food and medicines.