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UNHCR Americas Monthly Report - April 2019

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The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of key developments affecting the displacement situation in the Americas and some of UNHCR response activities in line with the 2019 strategic objectives for the region.


  1. In Ecuador, entry requirements for Venezuelans, who had to present certified criminal records to enter the country were temporarily suspended by the Constitutional Court.

  2. The Government of Colombia announced an “Impact Plan” to address the critical situation for Venezuelans and host communities along the border with Venezuela. It outlines an investment of USD 228 million in areas such as health, water, livelihoods and education. Additionally, employment restrictions for asylum seekers pending the outcome of their asylum claims were lifted.

  3. Chile approved on 18th April a resolution allowing Venezuelans with expired passports and identity cards since 2013 to enter to the country. The resolution has a validity of two years.

  4. Venezuelan nationals in Trinidad and Tobago will be able to register from 31 May to 14 June allowing them to work for a one year period and to contribute paying taxes. All Venezuelans in the country will be able to register irrespectivelly of their regular status.

  5. A boat departing from Venezuela with 34 people shipwrecked en route towards Trinidad and Tobago on April 24. Most recent reports indicate that 12 survived while 2 were confirmed deceased, and the remainder went missing.