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Syria - IDP Situation Monitoring Initiative (ISMI): Monthly Overview of IDP Movements and Spontaneous Returns in north-west Syria, March 2019

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Summary of Findings

Communities assessed: 669

Total IDP arrivals: 92,942 (+11%)

Total IDP departures: 64,059 (-47%)

Total spontaneous returns (SRs): 6,764 (+50%)

In March, assessed communities in north-west Syria witnessed a total of 92,942 IDP arrivals. Both regions continued to see hostility between Government of Syria (GoS)-allied forces and armed opposition groups (AOGs), as well as interAOG violence throughout the reporting period despite the announcement of a so-called demilitarised zone (DMZ).5 Idleb and surrounding areas witnessed 48,816 IDP departures, a significant decrease of 57% compared to February, which saw an upsurge in aerial bombardments on communities in southern Idleb and northern Hama governorates since mid-January.
Nevertheless March IDP departures continued to remain notably high compared to the end of 2018, in particular from Madiq Castle (27,916) sub-district following continued aerial bombardments and shelling on the area.
The northern Aleppo region witnessed 27,053 IDP arrivals, more than half (59%) of which were to Afrin district, likely indicating a perceived stability in comparison to areas closer to conflict lines.