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DRC violence increases risk of Ebola spreading to neighbours

DR Congo
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Since 1 May, attacks and clashes between armed groups and Congolese security forces triggered the displacement of more than 12,000 people in Nord Kivu and Ituri provinces in eastern DRC. Although exact numbers and humanitarian needs of newly displaced people are unknown, they add to more than 100,000 people who were displaced in Nord Kivu in April. Food, WASH, health, protection and shelter are reported as imminent needs of displaced people, who currently rely on host communities to meet their most basic needs.

Anticipated scope and scale

Attacks by armed groups, particularly the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), have increased in frequency in recent months and are likely to trigger more displacement and drive humanitarian needs in Nord Kivu and Ituri province. The lack of humanitarian assistance is likely to push displaced communities to prematurely return to areas of origin, despite persistent protection concerns.

Displacement in Ebola-affected territories could facilitate spreading of the disease. IDPs resorting to informal crossings to Uganda, without screening, increase the risk of Ebola spreading to neighbouring countries.