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Georgia: UNOMIG press release on the peacekeeping operation

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Following today's press statement from the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation mentioning, among others, that "the Chief Military Observer of the Mission Major-General Khattak agreed that actions by the Russian side do not contradict basic agreements on the conduct of the peacekeeping operation", UNOMIG clarifies that it has no authority to pronounce on the conformity between the CIS peacekeeping operation in the Zone of the Georgian-Abkhaz Conflict and CIS rules.

With regard to the point whether the recent increase in the CIS peacekeeping force conforms with peacekeeping standards, UNOMIG is seeking additional information from the CIS Peacekeeping force on their perception of the current threats to the ceasefire regime and how the strengthening of the CIS PKF both in personnel and weapons meets those threats.

UNOMIG patrols continue to verify carefully the situation on the ground in the Zone of Conflict and the Kodori valley. To date, they have not reported any buildup of security forces in those areas by either side. The Mission continues to call on both sides to maintain a posture of restraint and urges once again the resumption of the security dialogue.

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