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Sri Lanka: Ground View Aug 2007

Sri Lanka
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All they want
Will they live on bread or be allowed to cast their fishing nets
D.P. Sumith from Batticaloa

The district of Batticaloa and Trincomalee dominated the agricultural sector of Sri Lanka before the ethnic conflict engulfed this fertile land and its industrious people.

For decades these two districts were prolific producers of paddy and other grains along with a thriving livestock industry. This contribution to the national economy has been due to the destruction of infrastructure that sustained the agricultural industry. The farmers who once produced and helped feed the nation have found themselves in refugee camps.

The process of loosening the LTTE's grip of the two districts commenced with the government taking control of Mavilaru. The government forces have now cleared te East including Vavilaru, Muttur, Sampur, Vakarai and Thopigala...