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Sri Lanka: Ground View Feb 2008

Sri Lanka
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Paddy @ 20/= Rice @ 60/= what is the mystery?

Can we keep both the Farmer and the Housewife happy?

By Karunarathna Gamage

It is hardly a secret that the rapidly increasing price of rice has now become an unbearable burden for the masses, with both Colombo paddy cultivating areas displaying this trend.

The Government has hitherto been unable to arrest this trend, enjoyed by mill owners who are able to increase the price of rice arbitrarily. The price of rice at the market place is in no way comparable to the Rs. 19/50 paid for a kilo of Naadu paddy and the Rs. 20/50 that is paid for a kilo of Samba paddy. Not only was that so, but no variety of paddy went above Rs. 21 during the 2007 Yala Season. Many believe that the rice now available in the market is what was bought and stored by the mill monopolists during that season.