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Caribbean: Earthquakes felt in three CDERA participating states

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Bridgetown, Barbados, May 28, 2009 (CDERA) - Belize was struck by an earthquake this morning at 4.24 am (EDT) and an earthquake also occurred southeast of Dominica at 12.28 pm local time.

A magnitude-7.1 quake struck about 177miles off the east coast of Belomopan, Belize and 80 miles off Honduras. The epicicentre was located at 16.783°N, 86.165°W of Honduras and at a depth of only 6 (10km) miles. The quake was felt in Belize and there have been reports of six houses collapsing.

The quake off the southeast coast of Dominica was felt in St. Lucia and Dominica but no damage was reported. The Seismic Research Centre reported it was located at 15.04°N 60.48°W. The magnitude was 4.0 and depth was 48 km.

The CDERA Coordinating Unit (CU) has contacted the National Disaster Office in Belize and has been informed that damage assessment is underway. The CU will provide an update on the event as more information becomes available.