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SEEDS Cyclone Fani Response 2019

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The extremely severe cyclonic storm ‘Cyclone Fani’, with wind speeds touching 180 kmph, made landfall in Puri district, Odisha, on 3rd May 2019. Initial reports indicate that the winds and flooding have caused widespread damage to houses, drinking water sources, trees, public infrastructure, schools and health facilities.

Thousands of families are suffering through the strongest cyclones since 2014 and require urgent humanitarian aid across Odisha, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Over 137 million people live in the cyclone’s path across the three states and 37 million houses fall within the cyclone’s heavy impact zone.

While emergency response agencies are conducting search and rescue operations and the government is organising relief camps and food, survivors are desperate to get back to their homes and recover what they can. Their most immediate concerns back at home are around immediate medical attention, contaminated water sources, and the need for hygiene items.