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Ukraine: Protection Cluster Factsheet - March 2019 [EN/RU/UK]

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 Civilian casualties: In March, the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine recorded 13 conflict-related civilian casualties (4 killed and 9 injured). This is an 8% increase compared to February. Overall, mine and ERW-related incidents accounted for 38% of casualties.

  • Mine contamination: During March, two civilians were killed when a hand grenade detonated in Makariv Yar and Pervomaisk (Luhansk, NGCA). Another two people were injured by explosive ordinances in Pervomaisk and Luhansk (Luhansk, NGCA).
    On 22 March, a hand grenade and an unexploded ordinance were found near schools №95 and №92 in Donetsk. The UXOs were deactivated by the local emergency service.
    On 19 March, a UXO exploded in Luhansk. A private vehicle and five apartments were damaged due to this incident. No casualties were reported.
    Security: The security situation remains tense, with hostilities reported near a wide range of settlements along the contact line. At least 91 buildings and a private vehicle were damaged on both sides of the contact line.
    Freedom of movement: During the month, four civilians died crossing the contact line through Novotroitske, Maiorske, and Stanytsia Luhanska checkpoints (GCA side).
    The State Security Service of Ukraine began issuing termless electronic passes for crossing checkpoints. This is a positive development, which will mean that civilians crossing the contact line will no longer need to reapply for passes each year.
    On 24 March, Luhansk civil-military administration opened Zolote checkpoint (Luhansk GCA) on a unilateral basis. As of 25 March, no civilians or private vehicles crossed the contact line as Luhansk de-facto authorities did not provide security guarantees to ensure the full operation of this checkpoint.
    On 26 March, Novotroitske checkpoint (GCA side) came under shelling. No civilian casualties or damage was reported.
    During March, the workers of water and eleсtricity utility companies came under shelling 5 times, with no casualties reported.

  • Access to HLP rights: Three cases of threat of eviction of IDPs were reported in Collective Centers “Svitjaz”(Lutsk city), “Metro”(Letki village, Kyiv region), and “Soty” (Kyiv city). The reasons for possible eviction include change of the center’s owner, interruption of electricity supply and problems with rental agreements.

  • Access to civil documentation: Residents of Shchastia (Luhansk GCA) have to travel to Novoaidar (40 km) to receive birth and death certificates and other documents, as the head of the newly-formed local civil-military administration was not appointed.

  • Access to health care: Stanytsia-Luhanska district hospital lacks medical staff, including a gynecologist, anesthetist, podiatrists and speech therapist. There is no maternity ward in the hospital. Patients must travel to Bilivodsk (70 km) or to Lysychansk in order to receive medical treatment.