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UNHCR Mexico Factsheet - April 2019

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Key Figures

From January to 31 March 2019, 12,716 people applied for asylum in Mexico; 3,904 in January, 4,037 in February, and 4,775 in March.*

From January-March 2019, the increase in claimants over the same period of 2018 was:

  • Honduras: 237%

  • El Salvador: 112%

  • Venezuela: 71%

  • Guatemala: 224%

  • Nicaragua: 1,367%

In total, 631 people have been relocated to facilitate local integration from 1 January till 31 March 2019.


  • The number of people arriving at Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala fleeing criminal violence, political unrest and economic hardship is soaring. The number of asylum claims in Mexico rose by more than 103% in 2018 over the previous year, from 14,596 to 29,623. The upward trend is likely to continue as the drivers of displacement remain in place and because return options in the region are limited.
  • Asylum-seekers from Honduras, El Salvador and Venezuela represent 86% of all asylum claimants so far in 2019. The outbreak of violence in Nicaragua and the deterioration of the situation in Venezuela are also driving an increasing number of people from these countries to seek protection in Mexico.
  • A significant percentage of people entering Mexico are fleeing persecution and violence, and are in need of international protection.
  • The Mexican Government announced a new migration policy which refers to the Global Compact on Migration. It is expected that during Mexico’s current presidency of the Comprehensive Regional Protection and Solutions Framework (MIRPS), Mexico will transform its migration policy from a policy guided by security and control, to an approach which places greater emphasis on human rights, protection and regional cooperation.