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Guidance Note on Food security and Agriculture Sector Indicators – (2019 – 2020)

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This note is intended to provide guidance to Food Security and Agriculture (FSA) sector members in Turkey on how to report their achievements on the activities specified in the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP). Information reported on Activity.Info (AI)1 will be analysed regularly to examine whether sufficient progress is being made in reaching the sector strategic objective. FSA sector indicators have been structured in this note based on the 3RP 2019-2020 FSA Sector framework. This guidance aims also at improving the response monitoring and standardizing the data collection and reporting process in Activity Info by providing info on definitions, disaggregation, calculations, targets, etc. The Guidance Notes have tried to answer questions that were received by the sector Information Management Officer throughout 2018 from the implementation partners.

The Guidance Notes are structured as follows (Core components of the Guidance Notes):

  1. Definitions of the Indicators;

  2. Numerator: the value of the indicator (to report on);

  3. Data source and collection methods: this section is aimed at identifying the means of verification. It also has a section to clarify when the indicator should be reported (based upon the definitions);

  4. Disaggregation: The Guidance Notes provide an overview of the disaggregation that needs to be collected for the indicator. This is aligned with;

  5. Further Guidance: This is a section where additional information is being provided to facilitate either M&E or programming around the indicator. This section also highlights whether data captured for the indicator can/should be reported under other indicators (in as well.