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Ukraine: UNHCR Operational Update, February 2019

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In the month of February, UNHCR facilitated the delivery of a joint IOM/WHO/UNICEF humanitarian convoy to the city of Donetsk carrying medical equipment, adult diapers, and hygiene kits for social institutions, as well as, a UNICEF humanitarian convoy carrying medical equipment, school kits, and furniture for kindergartens in the city of Luhansk. UNHCR leads the logistics working group for humanitarian convoys into eastern Ukraine.

UNHCR places refugees, internally displaced (IDPs), conflict affected and stateless persons at the centre of its decision-making concerning their protection and well-being. Therefore, UNHCR initiated its 2019 country wide participatory assessment. In February, UNHCR organized 25 focus group discussions in eight regions of Ukraine and the capital Kyiv, with 199 IDPs. 22 FDGs were conducted with IDPs and conflict affected people in eastern Ukraine.

In 2019, UNHCR together with its partner Slavic Heart, are piloting a project aimed at increasing the identification and response to Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) survivors along the 'contact line' with the deployment of three SGBV mobile brigades. This activity was a recommendation by the SGBV forum organized in Kramatorsk on 5 December 2018 and is closely coordinated with UNFPA and local authorities.