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Up to 118,000 Syrians, including conflict-displaced, hit by floods in Hasakeh

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This Information Bulletin # 2 is being issued in response to heavy flooding in the Hasakeh Governorate of Syria which has affected an estimated 118,000, including people living in camps for the internally displaced from recent conflicts. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) branch in Hasakeh has taken immediate steps to support the affected population.

SARC, supported by the Movement partners, ICRC, is planning to request international assistance in the in the coming days to support work already being implemented by SARC. The plan is to cover immediate basic needs for three months.

The operation will target the needs for 45,000 people in villages, towns and IDP camps that are not receiving humanitarian aid from other partners, noting the current focus from the international humanitarian community on the 73,000 IDPs in the Al Hol camp.

Recovery of livelihoods, especially in the agricultural sector will be assessed in the coming months and may be incorporated into a revised emergency appeal following assessments and discussions with Red Cross/Red Crescent partners, UN Agencies and I/NGOs.

SARC responded immediately to the floods with a rapid assessment and have already distributed 7,100 canned food packages; 900 plastic sheets; 11,000 blankets and 1,500 mattresses. A Mobile Health Clinic supported by two ambulances has already received over 200 patients. A preliminary WASH assessment was completed on 10th April.