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Syria - IDP Situation Monitoring Initiative (ISMI): Monthly Overview of IDP Movements in Northern Syria, February 2018

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Summary of Findings

In February, assessed communities in north-west Syria witnessed a total of 83,665 IDP arrivals, with 74% arriving in Idleb and surrounding areas and 26% in the northern Aleppo region. Clashes in the area significantly escalated in February. Incidents of aerial bombardments intensified near conflict lines, in particular in southern Idleb governorate and its adjacent areas of northern Hama and eastern Lattakia governorates. Many schools, markets and hospitals were closed following the escalation in clashes and general insecurity. Idleb and surrounding areas witnessed 113,623 IDP departures, the majority (71%) of which were primary displacements from southern Idleb, which led to large IDP departures form Ma’arrat An Nu’man (19,022) and Khan Shaykun (48,183) sub-districts. Many people were initially displaced to neighbouring sub-districts, but later moved further north towards Dana sub-district as clashes continued.
In parallel, the northern Aleppo region witnessed 21,769 IDP arrivals, 83% of whom arrived from outside of northern Aleppo governorate, likely indicating a perceived stability in the area compared to elsewhere in Syria.