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Information Bulletin 11/ Iran Flood – Timeframe: March & April 2019

Iranian Red Crescent
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This bulletin is being issued for information, and reflects the current situation and details available at this time.

Since the beginning of severe rainfalls and flash floods in 31 provinces of Iran, 2000 cities, villages and mountainous roads have been affected. Based on the estimation done so far, damage to the agriculture and infrastructures reaches to millions dollars. 280,000 people have been assisted, 107,000 persons sheltered and 1,152 individuals evacuated to safe areas.

The death toll is reported 70 persons in Fars, Golestan, Mazandaran, North Khorasan, Kohkilooyeh va Boyerahmad, Kermanshah, Khozestan, Semnan, Ilam, Lorestan and Hamedan provinces.

The IRCS with 3,829 teams (over 16,000 relief workers), 23 relief and rescue helicopters, 41 boats and more than 2000 light and heavy relief vehicles started big operation through air, road and land and rendered relief services for more than 280,000 people and provided temporally shelters for more than 98,000 persons. Meanwhile, over 571,000 kg of relief goods and 2,290 staff and relief workers transferred via 588 hours of flight to the field. During the overall operation, 4,809 vehicles were released from snow, 189 vehicles were released from flood and 5,000 flooded houses were pumped out.

Food stuff and basic living items that have been distributed so far throughout total affected provinces are as follows: 18,171 units of tents, 67,484 pcs of blankets, 35,016 pcs of ground sheets, 45,455 kgs of plastic sheets, 3,284 pcs of heaters, 2,877 hygiene kits, 1,499 kitchen sets, 250,080 bottles of mineral water, 144,003 canned food, 620,365 loaves of bread, 1,877 kgs of date, 41,992 kgs of rice, 9,485 kgs of edible oil, 3955 boxes of Biscuits, 9,009 kgs of sugar, 11,753 kgs of beans and 100,692 food packages.