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United Purpose secured half a million to support Rohingya refugee camp - here’s where the money is now.

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United Purpose
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Last year, Welsh organisation United Purpose secured just under half a million pounds to support the Rohingya refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Last week, United Purpose’ Wales based Global Director of External Affairs Hannah Pudner went to Bangladesh to see how donations are making a difference.

United Purpose is a movement of people and organisations that strive to end poverty and inequality across the globe. The organisation work with frontline activists and community organisations to help them gain agency on their own lives. One country that they’re currently working within is Bangladesh.

Since August 2017, Bangladesh has experienced an influx of nearly a million Rohingya people, a minority Muslim group, escaping from neighbouring Myanmar due to violence and conflict. An estimated 6,700 Rohingya people were killed a month after conflict broke out, leaving many people vulnerable, wounded and emotionally abused.

Focused on moving people beyond the necessity of aid, the half a million pounds donated to the Rohingya refugee camp has been used to help the existing Rohingya community grow and move past the traumas of the violence. Of those initiatives put in place, United Purpose has funded and established:

  • 25 Child and Women Friendly Spaces providing psychological support to women who have been harmed during the conflict
  • Two health camps providing treatment and medical support to Rohingya refugees free of cost
  • 100 solar lights, 4 mini grids and 1,500 fuel efficient cook stove
  • 3,000 portable water jars to enable families to gather their own water
  • 51 deep tube wells providing 2,000 families with water
  • 100 assistive devices for those with disabilities
  • 8,000 hygiene kits

Hannah Pudner, Global Director of External Affairs, said: “This is one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters, the scale is hard to comprehend and the need in the camps is enormous.

“While these people have been through tremendous trauma and continue to live under great stress, I have met some of the most resilient, impressive, and determined people. They do not need our pity, they need our investment and attention. We are here for the long haul and I’m proud United Purpose is able to play its part.”

Masud Rana, Programme Coordinator for United Purpose in Bangladesh and lead on the Rohingya work, said: “United Purpose is making a real difference to the lives of the people in the camp, especially the women and children.

“They have survived a lot to get here, and yet the camps are difficult places in which to thrive. United Purpose is making sure that they are receiving psychological care, have access to clean water, hygiene products and health facilities.”

United Purpose are on a mission to move Beyond Aid, using innovation and creativity to make this happen and exploring new methods to achieve better results. To find out more about United Purpose and their ethos, visit


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