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The Aid in Danger Monthly News Brief, February 2019

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Central African Republic

07 - 10 February 2019: In Kaga Bandoro region, Nana Gribizi prefecture, the outbreak of fires in close proximity to an IDP site left 31 people injured and resulted in shelters and personal items being damaged, as well as a resulting in the partial destruction of a mobile clinic. An estimated 4,500 people were affected by the fires, resulting in humanitarian agencies in Kaga Bandoro planning a renewed push to provide non-food items, health care, food, water, sanitation, hygiene, and education. Further, humanitarian agencies began drive to inform IDP protectors about fire prevention in the area. Source: UN-OCHA

Burkina Faso

02 February 2019: In Kongoussi region, militants presumed to be from Ansaroul Islam (JNIM) attacked and stole a Burkina Faso Red Cross vehicle, abducting its four passengers and driver in the process. Source: ACLED1


19 February 2019: In Ngouboua locality, Lac region, armed assailants entered the Bouraboura IDP camp - home to over 1,000 displaced people - and opened fire, killing five and wounding four others. A further attack targeted a village home to around 365 displaced people, and where four people were abducted. There is limited security in the region and an upsurge in violence in neighbouring Nigeria has led to large numbers of civilians fleeing across the border into Chad. Source: UN-OCHA

Democratic Republic of Congo

24 February 2019: In Katwa town, North Kivu province, an area where mistrust in international aid efforts and false rumours about treatment are rampant, unidentified perpetrators threw stones at an MSF-run Ebola treatment centre before setting parts of the structure on fire, killing one person, and injuring another. In response, MSF suspended its operations in the area. Sources: ABC News, Africa News, Axios, Devex, IRIN, MSF, Reuters, Time, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Washington Times and VOA News

27 February 2019: In Butembo city, North Kivu province, an area where mistrust in aid workers and false rumours about treatment are rampant, unidentified perpetrators set vehicles and parts of an MSF-run Ebola treatment centre on fire, destroying medical wards and equipment, and leaving four patients missing. This attack has also put the lives of patients and MSF and Health Ministry staff in danger. In response, MSF suspended its operations in the area. Sources: Axios, CIDRAP, Devex,
IRIN, MSF, Reuters, Time, The Guardian and The Washington Times


22 February 2019: Update: In Chakama village, Kilifi county, villagers and security forces have suggested that an Italian aid worker who was abducted by suspected al Shabaab-linked perpetrators on 21 November 2018 may have been involved in a multimillion shilling ivory trade and kidnapped after her partners soured on the deal. Source: Esoft


15 February 2019: In Bourem district, Gao region, two armed individuals abducted a team of aid workers before releasing them the following day, taking their vehicle and personal belongings in the process. No harm was reported to have come to the aid workers. Source: UN-OCHA


28 January 2019: In Rann town, Borno state, Boko Haram militants on motorcycles attacked and set fire to hundreds of structures serving as shelters for IDPs, killing at least 60 people. Source:
News 24 February 2019: In Bama locality, Borno state, large population displacements have resulted in an unspecified IDP camp becoming overwhelmed with newly displaced people, local schools being unable to cope with the numbers of children, and poor living conditions for camp occupants. Source: UN-OCHA 07 February 2019: In Monguno town, Borno state, an outbreak of fire at the Stadium IDP camp left two children and one elderly person dead, five others with burn injuries, and a total of 7,839 having been directly affected through the destruction of their homes and property, including valuables and food. The fire had allegedly started from a cooking area in the camp. Local agencies responded by attempting to increase awareness on fire outbreak risks and mitigation. Source: UN-OCHA


28 February 2019: In Gedo region, suspected al Shabaab militants kidnapped six national aid workers. Around ten people were initially reported kidnapped but some of the group successfully escaped the kidnappers to alert authorities. Source: AWSD2 and BBC News

South Sudan

02 February 2019: In Bor town, Jonglei state, four unidentified perpetrators assaulted a male South Sudanese national UN staff member after blaming him for the perceived increase in the number of non-national staff members in the country 'stealing jobs' from nationals, leaving him with minor injuries. Source: AWSD2 21 February 2019: In Bor town, Jonglei state, a staff member from an INGO who was distributing food inside the UN-run Protection of Civilians site was assaulted by an IDP under unspecified circumstances. The staff member received minor injuries. Source: AWSD2


08 February 2019: In North Darfur state, a group of government-backed militiamen attempted to rape nine women in the Kassab IDP camp. The women fought back and four were seriously wounded due to stabbing injuries and were treated in hospital. Source: ACLED1 09 February 2019: In Abyei region, an Ethiopian military helicopter crashed inside the compound of the UN Peacekeeping Mission, killing all three passengers on board, and injuring 10 more.
Source: ANN 14 February 2019: In North Darfur state, a protest was held at the Zamzam IDP camp to demonstrate against the rape of five women the previous week as well as in opposition to the rule of President Bashir. The security forces responded by violently suppressing the protest with tear gas and batons. Sources: ACLED1 and Star Tribune