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Education in Danger Monthly News Brief, February 2019

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Attacks on education

The section aligns with the definition of attacks on education used by the Global Coalition to Protect Education under Attack (GCPEA) in Education under Attack 2018.


Burkina Faso

01 February 2019: In Kabonga town, Est region, militants presumed to be from JNIM or ISGS burned down the town’s primary school. Sources: ACLED1 and MENASTREAM

03 February 2019: In Salmossi village, Sahel region, militants presumed to be from JNIM or ISGS burned down a school. No further details specified. Source: ACLED1

03 February 2019: In Intissalatene village, Tollel Kaya area, militants presumed to be from JNIM or ISGS fired gunshots in the air and set fire to a school before stealing teachers motorbikes and escaping. Source: ACLED1

04 February 2019: In Natiaboani village, militants presumed to be from JNIM or ISGS seized control of the village and burned down the village school before holding religious sermons and destroying a liquor store. Source: ACLED1


04 February 2019: In Soppo neighbourhood, Buea city, Southwest region, suspected separatists attacked the residence of the Regional Delegate for Secondary Education for the South West Region, setting her car on fire before escaping. Source:
Journal du Cameroun

05 February 2019: In Babadjou town and commune, Bamboutos department, West province, dozens of suspected separatists set fire to the Zavion Bilingual High School and the car of the principal before ransacking several buildings. Source:
Cameroon Online

16 February 2019: In Kumba city, Meme department, Southwest district, militants suspected to be separatists abducted 170 students – mostly under-18 girls – a teacher and a guard from an unnamed boarding school, forcing the institution to shut for an indefinite period. The day after, all victims were released amid rumours of ransoms being paid. Source: Human Rights Watch

South Africa

12 February 2019: In Cape Town city, Western Cape province, students and police clashed over water shortages on the Western Cape College of Nursing campus, resulting in police firing rubber bullets and stun grenades at students to disperse them. Source: Daily Voice


06 February 2019 (DOA): In Khartoum, police used teargas and batons to disperse a group of graduates taking part in an anti-government demonstration at the University of Khartoum.
Source: Sudan Tribune

12 February 2019: In Khartoum, at the call of the Sudanese Professionals Associations, a group of 16 lecturers and professors held a sit-in at the University of Khartoum to protest the excessive use of force against peaceful anti-government demonstrators. Security officials subsequently arrested them. Source: Sudan Tribune