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UNOPS and Japan to repair community development centres in Djibouti

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Japan is contributing $500,000 toward a UNOPS-implemented project to rehabilitate four centres damaged by Tropical Cyclone Sagar last year.

The centres sustained heavy structural damage, including collapsed roofs and walls, scattered debris, broken sanitary facilities, moisture in the lower floors and damaged electrical installations.

“We’re very committed to working with the government to improve the centres,” said Worknesh Gonet, Director, UNOPS Ethiopia.

By offering recreational activities and educational skills training, the centres address some of the core issues that make youth vulnerable to marginalization and radicalization: Unemployment, a lack of positive role models and channels for constructive self-expression.

Market-oriented skills training will be conducted in collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency, as well as Djibouti’s Bureau of Labor and the National Employment Agency for Training and Professional Integration.